Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I know God hates me but she’s really testing my patience right now!

Just as I’m about to try to expand my writing ‘career’ into other avenues, God decides that I haven’t got enough obstacles in my way so she puts another one up for me.  I was just about to type up my notes on my laptop regarding the Health & Well-Being Overview & Scrutiny Committee meeting last night when the technological marvel up and died on me.  It’s going to be a little difficult being a reporter for Your Thurrock or anyone else without a working computer.  Yes, I could use a pen and paper but I think I’d have difficulty getting stuff accepted if I’m sending my pieces to the office via carrier pigeon.
This just compounds the stress of the loss of internet connection I had for a week on my mobile ‘phone and the subsequent death of the handset less than a week after getting the internet connection back.  Some people may say that I should stop moaning, just go out and buy another laptop or a tablet PC.  That would be a good solution but I’m on welfare and, unlike the media-grabbing exceptions, I don’t get hundreds or thousands of pounds a week with which to buy replacement gadgets.  I have enough problems with the day-to-day expenses.  I have already had to become the ultimate hypocrite and go cap in hand to my parents, who have precious little money themselves, to ask for a new mobile ‘phone for a Christmas present.  I’m a hypocrite because I haven’t celebrated Christmas since 2009 and have made a conscious decision not to ask for presents…until now.  As if I haven’t got enough to hate about myself, I’ve got enforced hypocrisy and the potential loss of a ‘career’.
I don’t believe in God but someone seems to have it in for me on the cosmic level and God seems to be a convenient scapegoat for my anger and frustration at being seemingly stymied at every turn.  Every effort I make to improve my life and everything I need to make that happen seems to be countered by something on the cosmic level to keep me exactly where I am.
I did manage to get the news items finished but my ability to complete work in the future is seriously compromised now and I’m powerless to alter the circumstances I find myself in, bar robbing a bank or selling off body parts to people with a less than keen eye for the quality of the body parts they’re buying.
Until next time…?

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  1. Once I get my new microphone maybe we can do some video interviews and public interest interviews and stories and keep your reporting career going. be it as a video reporter.

    I will look into setting up a new website like thurrock cummunity to cover the voluntary sector. I really wish to do a video interview with the Samaritans for Christmas and pass it onto yourthurrock for the Xmas break, because its going to be vertical this year for all of us.
    It would be good to cover the little groups in thurrock who get shit press coverage.

    I want to do several sites a thurrock sensory one for the deaf and blind groups. a thurrock depression for real life stories and facts that highlight the true reality of depression. Ok thurrock depression maybe the wrong title. but cannot think of a good mental health word for one. CTB just sounds egotistical and I want the site to be around long after we both clock off.