Friday, 7 December 2012

I don’t think the Liberal Democrats will like me now

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Liberal Democrat MP Danny Alexander, the contents of which are below (minus the graphics):
Dear Myles, Today it has been announced that from April more than 20 million people will be paying nearly £600 a year less in income tax than they were in 2010.
That’s putting real money back in the pockets of ordinary families in tough times.
Thanks to your campaigning, we’re delivering on our number one election pledge.
Please help us spread the word by posting this graphic to Facebook.
As my regular reader will know, I’m not exactly a fan of the Liberal Democrats since I voted for them in the 2010 General Election and they then spat in the faces of myself and their other supporters by entering into an unholy alliance with the Conservatives so I sent a short reply that I hope sums up my current feelings.  The text of my reply is below.  I know it’s an automated delivery system but just possibly any replies sent to the address will get read by a human (if you can call them humans).
With all due respect, go to Hell.  I'm on benefits and the ConDems have done nothing but attack me and my fellow claimants.  I wouldn't lift a finger to help the LibDems AND I VOTED FOR YOU IN 2010!
Hopefully, if someone has read this reply, I’ll never get another e-mail asking me to spread their minor victories whilst they let disabled and disadvantaged people on benefits die due to the welfare reforms they are helping to put in place.
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  1. Spot on about minor victories.
    sadly, All the three major parties seem to care about is the middle class voters which they seem to think are the swing voters. the big three always are protected the Richest (party donor), Pensioners and middle class voters.
    the rest are always taking the hit. lately its the disabled who are the poorest. Bull are we all in this together. I'll never vote again. face facts, democracy has failed and the Lib Dems are central to that fact.