Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Another assignment for Your Thurrock

Yesterday I went on another assignment for Your Thurrock to film the prize-giving celebration at The Grays School.  I was packed off with an HD camcorder and the minimal brief of getting footage of the kids getting their certificates and/or trophies.
I went with high hopes, a feeling of being trusted enough to do the job in the first place and the determination to do a good job.  Funny things - hopes and determination; I certainly got plenty of footage but whether any of the footage is useable is another matter.  I hoped I would do a good job and was determined in that respect but I am not sure that the resultant footage is particularly good.  A combination of nerves and an apparent muscle weakness in my right arm when confronted with holding even a small weight have led to slightly, and in some cases, very wobbly pictures.
I handed off my footage and camera to the boss this afternoon whilst painting the bleakest picture I could of my performance, not to blacken my attempt but simply to make sure that the expectation bar was set pretty low.  There was one good point though; my boss received an e-mail with the press release from The Grays School which stated that the Thurrock Gazette did not even turn up last night.  So, at least I turned up and made sure that Your Thurrock has something to post on their site rather than just the official press release.  I will have to take some satisfaction in that.
This whole experience has convinced me that I am never going to be a cameraman unless the object of the footage is to emulate the movie Cloverfield.  I think I will stick to what I am best at – spewing poison and bile and handling a keyboard.
Until next time…

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