Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Race Hots Up – Grays Riverside Election Running Commentary part 3

In the last few days, the campaign has truly begun to represent Grays Riverside Ward on Thurrock Council. 
The Conservatives were the first of the main parties to find their voice although there was not the banter on the doorstep that I was hoping for.  The Tory candidate must have knocked with a sponge or did not knock at all, merely slipped two campaign leaflets through the letterbox with a hastily scribbled note on one of them saying ‘sorry we missed you’ or some such note.  I have not had the time for a detailed look but the leaflets did seem to be the same old blame-assigning crap we are used to getting from the main parties.  They did seem to have realised their error though as, later that same day, a copy of the Conservative Manifesto for Thurrock was slipped through the letterbox.  Slightly better in tone, the introduction seemed to have taken on board what I have put in my Your Thurrock column, namely ‘stop all the blame game and work together’ but it was only a small glimpse.  I will give a good hard look at all the Conservative literature and give my opinion on it later this week.
Labour finally threw their hat into the ring on Monday with a single leaflet which, again, I have not had time to digest or even have a slight glance at, having been busy in meetings and appointments the last three days.  I am, however, in the very awkward position of personally knowing the Labour candidate from my role as Community Co-opted Governor at the local adult college; he was, for most of my tenure, the Chair of the Board of Governors.  I will, however, give his information the same level of due attention and make my comments later in the week, in a totally unbiased way.
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