Friday, 24 February 2012

A poem about my cat

My cat, Merlin, isn't very well at the moment and requires an operation on Monday.  I'm really worried about him so I thought I'd post the poem I wrote about him with a picture of the two of us.  I hope you enjoy it.


Merlin my cat
My friend and my companion
Feline avatar of my soul
You chose to share your life with me
And I chose to share mine with you.

As a kitten you laid upon my chest
Your bright green eyes ablaze
And I felt the love flow from you
Unconditional and true.

You saved my life
Faithful feline friend
A fact of which you are not aware
Not a conscious act
Just a consequence of being there.

The scratches on my arms
Testament to the fighting games we played
And the memories of nights
When you laid by my side.

You hold a special place in my heart
And I keep a picture of you
Ever in my mind
You give me joy and more
My faithful trusted friend.

© Myles Cook, 2000, 2006

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