Friday, 24 February 2012

The government's secret NHS risk report

I signed up to a campaigning website called 38 Degrees a while back and today I received an e-mail with the following information -
“On Wednesday MPs voted against a motion to force the release of a report into risks facing our NHS if the government goes ahead with its plans.

From your postcode, it looks like your MP chose to vote against the releasing the report. Please email your MP to ask them why they didn’t vote to help save the NHS?”

Here is the full text of my e-mail to my MP:
Dear Jackie Doyle-Price MP,

I'm worried that we don't have all the facts about what could happen to our NHS if the government goes ahead with their plans for changes. Please can you tell me why you decided not to vote in favour of publishing the report? Is it because it would be embarrassing to the Coalition's administration? Surely the British public and its representatives need to be fully informed on a matter of this magnitude?

Yours sincerely,
Myles Cook

Jackie Doyle-Price’s stance on this issue is not hard to fathom when, according to website They Work For You (, she “Hardly ever rebels against their party in this parliament”. In fact, Doyle-Price has only rebelled against her party, The Conservatives, on four votes according to her voting record; the subject of the votes she rebelled on were on the vital issue of four separate clauses of the Daylight Saving Bill.  Wow, what a rebel!  Or, more precisely, what a mindless Tory drone!  Isn’t it nice to see that kind of slavish attention to the party line?
What worries me is that Ms Doyle-Price is supposed to be representing the views of her constituents, so what would happen if her slavish mentality to her party conflicts with the views of her constituents?  Interesting thought, isn’t it?  I think it’s time that Ms Doyle-Price was kicked out and replaced by someone who can think for themselves.
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