Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another new poem

Here's a short poem told from the point of view of a soldier killed in World War One.

When The Cherry Blossoms Bloom Once More
I still remember the last time we held each other close
In the orchard with the cherry blossom trees
Your radiant smile bathed me in its glow
Our hearts beat in unison
One soul, two bodies
The scent of cherry blossom filled the air
And a single flower rested in your hair.

We were destined to be together
But Fate tore us asunder
My life cut short so senselessly
In the war to end all wars
But do not grieve for me, my darling
Do not cry upon Death’s shore
For we will be together one day
When the cherry blossoms bloom once more.

© Valen (Myles Cook), 22/02/2012

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