Monday, 15 November 2010

Untitled Poem

Here's a poem I wrote last night.

A pain so raw
A cut so deep
An agony so boundless
As to negate the soft caress of Time.

The gates of Oblivion thrown open
The agents of Chaos loosed
The demons of Hell spew forth
To tear at the souls of the hopeless.

A darkness born of despair
A purgatory born of self-hatred
A fire born of malice
Searing the flesh of the dispossessed.

A longing left unsated
A dream left unrealised
A hope left unfulfilled
Leaving so many souls tortured by empty lives.

This is the world I live in
A place where darkness reigns
A timeless battleground
Where Light itself has died.

© Myles Cook, 15/11/2010

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