Thursday, 11 November 2010

Pondering the mysteries of the Universe

If it takes one man four hours to dig a hole, shouldn't he ask for help?

If stars are so hot, why is space so cold?

If it only takes a good man to do nothing to let evil prosper, what happens if an evil man does nothing?

If time is a constant, why does it always drag when you're bored?

Did the Universe start with a Big Bang or was it a quiet dinner party?

If the space between the nucleus of an atom and it's electrons is so large, does that mean that the Universe is made of nothing?

If we know the world exists only through our own perceptions, when I'm not around does everything in the Universe apart from my immediate location cease to exist?

If Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness, why do we feel so stressed and miserable until it's all over?

All answers gratefully received.

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