Friday, 19 November 2010

Another untitled poem

Yes, I know I seem to be posting nothing but poems at the moment but I have to post what come to mind and, at the moment, that's poetry.  This is a poem I wrote last night by candlelight.  I hope you like it.

Flickering candlelight
The deathly silence of the night
I’m all alone and feeling hollow
As another pill I swallow
And hope it somehow achieves its goal
To banish the darkness from my soul.

I watch the flickering candle flame
From second to second never quite the same
Representing the light that my life lacks
And creating patterns in melting wax
Burning low to a waxy pool
Until there is no flame at all.

Silence deep, an almost tangible thing
Swooping down on night’s dark wing
I sit alone and dream and wonder
As my world is torn asunder
By forces that I can’t control
That wish to feed on my very soul.

As darkness takes me in its embracing arms
I relish all its morbid charms
A taste of future ultimate Oblivion
For I am an abyssal scion
My home will be eternal night
With fading dreams of candlelight.

© Myles Cook, 19/11/2010

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